"Path of Exile 2" new features: six chain skills gem

"Path of Exile 2" new features: six chain skills gem


"Path of Exile 2" mainly tells the story of a society trying to rebuild. After the initial players enter the game to choose a character, they will kill every surviving god and try to use their own power to murder larger gods. Now that the spirits are all dead, human beings has cleaned up many corpses and tried to move forward.

The path of money in exile (especially POE) is very important for conquering teams or terminal owners. Each POE project plays a specific role when making equipment that enhances the character, or when you regret Orb and indulge in rebuilding the character's passive skill tree. Therefore, it is recommended that POE players purchase POE Currency and POE balls from reliable POE item sellers.

The battle of "Path of Exile 2" benefits from an improved graphics engine. The initial battle environment was good but better lighting and particle effects enhanced creeping and danger in certain areas. A neighborhood called Grimtangle may be a dark, colorless, knot-like branch knot, which might be boring if it weren't for the new glow of the yellow fungus found on the ground. These mushrooms  look beautiful. If the journey is just too close, they're going to explode and canopy you in acid. To create matters worse, the world was stuffed with infected zombies and meted out special attacks, which caused more mushrooms to be covered by the bottom, forcing me to remain mobile all the time.

More demanding battles mean that players must also use the skill treasures they happen to find more intelligently. Fortunately, this can be another area where "Path of Exile" has been significantly improved, especially for brand spanking new players.

Every boss I've got played is incredibly good at keeping me alert and fighting for my life. Within the later area, "Rusk King" smashed me with jagged metal fragments. If I buy the cut a touch, I will be able to bleed soon.

Those high-risk battles are going to be dispersed into the conventional enemy group. The twisted witch generated hidden symbols on the bottom. These symbols exploded after some seconds, and also the huge ghoul smashed the slammed slate against the bottom, sending a undulation in my direction. I still slaughtered an outsized number of ghosts, skeletons and slime bugs desperately, but I also became more awake to how they'd slaughter me.

Even within the first jiffy of the journey, "Path of Exile 2" still feels an excellent improvement over the first version. The primary three scenes of "Path of Exile" are now seven years old, and also the greatest manifestation of their age is that the one-dimensional degree of the boss fighting. Usually, you may interchange one place and click on on an enormous monster until it stops moving. After defeating these bosses dozens of times, the dearth of challenges became out of place. Years of toil have made these battles interesting, and also the bosses of Path of Exile 2 clearly benefited from it.

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Another exciting feature of Path of Exile 2 is that you can now have more six-chain skill gems. Of course, if you did not attend the 40-minute lecture, then you will have a hard time understanding this function. This lecture is about the theoretical design of the path of exile, from which you can learn a lot of game knowledge, after listening to the lecture, you can not help shouting: it is simply great. But the current maximum number of linked sockets is six, which is extremely rare, but it has created powerful astronomical skills. In the new system, gems of any skill can have six slots. The previous system was limited, for example. The game requires that only one player's breastplate and two-handed weapons have six slots. In contrast, is the new system attractive?