Three offensive and defensive super stars for NBA 2K players to choose

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There are many powerful player cards for players to choose from. They can use these newly added players to replace weaker players in certain positions in the current self-built lineup. Before doing this, it is best for players to understand how many NBA 2K21 MT they need to prepare and choose these players according to actual needs.

Players who want to strengthen the team inside can choose Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as their major center. As the NBA’s historical scoring champion, one of the most powerful forwards in NBA history, he has extremely terrifying inside offensive and defensive capabilities. Few players can completely block Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s offensive. Although his three-point ability is weak, but the strength of the inside is enough.

Shooting guard Richard Hamilton, who played a big role in the 2004 NBA championship battle, is a nightmare for all defending players. Even Kobe has admitted that defending Hamilton is the most tiring. Because he will always run without the ball on the court and his physical strength is enough to surpass most players, many players will feel very weak when facing him. And his powerful mid-range investment ability can always give opponents a fatal blow at critical moments.

Ray Allen, the strongest three-point shooter in NBA history, has played an important role in many important games. Many fans think his last-minute buzzer three-pointer is the most valuable in the life and death of the Heat and Spurs in 2013. With powerful three-point ability, he can fully contribute a lot to players’ games.

If the players can have the above three players, then their game will become very smooth enough to defeat most players. Players need to Buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS, which is very necessary. Go forward!