Completing the solo challenge is the fastest way for Madden players to earn XP

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Compared with some players who are very diligent in completing various challenges in the game to get MUT 21 Coins to get the strongest players, it is better to use the existing funds in their hands to get the players that best match the current lineup configuration. Which not only allows them to win more games but also allows players to accumulate a lot of experience in continuous competition. It is the way to build a powerful team in a short time.

They have released Madden 21 for a while, and Ultimate Team players are looking for the best way to maximize their time to experience all kinds of new things. One way is to grind their MUT level to get rewards and more challenge bonuses and finally achieve their MUT Level Master.

Although there are many ways in Madden 21 to help players gain XP in MUT, there are few options available from the perspective of saving time and effort. Most players will complete H2H Season and Solo Battles to get some Madden 21 Coins, but this method is not suitable for earning XP. Players can also receive some substantial rewards if their level rises. In fact, the most important thing for players who want to get enough XP is to complete the solo challenge. They only need to play a few games to get shocking returns.

The best XP training ground is the challenge of NFL Epics. It’s very easy to get the biggest star easily, they don’t even have to control the return journey, the system will take over and run at least 25 yards on the field almost every time. After each challenge, players will get a good amount of XP and can eliminate MUT levels easily and quickly. Another point is that players should click Return To Challenges every 10 to 15 minutes to deposit XP into the bank and protect themselves from server problems and disconnections.

Exciting competition awaits Madden players to challenge. Those weaker players can first go to GameMS to Buy Madden Coins to increase the team’s ability value and then go against other players which will have a better chance of winning.