Finally jumped because free on 2K20

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Finally jumped because 2K MT  free on 2K20. I wondered in case you had to start from the bottom how you would approach the grind. Back in 2K19 I was mostly able to receive the cards that I needed, but this year, it looks like there's so a lot more collections. The formula that worked for me was domination get 3 cards that you and TTO could play with with, provide them diamond shoes/contracts, grind TTO from there. Perform MTU for the Player of the Month. Was wondering if there is a way given what not and the additional scenarios. I care about getting the cards that I need and playing offline. Online was purely business for me and I would rather not if I don't need to, but then I'll deal with this when it is vastly more efficient in terms of MT and Ball Drops.

Till the time that the Jordan Sig Series came out, full disclosure, I had been grind in 2K19. Then I found that there were."more effective" ways to acquire packs/boxes and began doing this. Say what you may, but I have thousands of dollars to simply drop on loot boxes. If you do, fair play to you. Can not seem to come across such an efficient method this season, so this post (to put it differently, if there's only one, message me 'cause I want to perform catch-up). Also, was Oprah in control of deciding who gets some thing or an Opal? I thought this past year was out of hand, but just in it feels like if you have the possibility to have a fantastic match in the future or had a good game, you get an opal.

There is a link from the post to a Endgame MyTeam guide, covers a few things you're wondering about. In terms of the excessive quantity of Galaxy Opals men and women think that it's part of the plan. Normally July would the mode wrapped up with the end of the NBA Finals. Thanks for the reply, I'll check it out. Makes sense. Perhaps they're trying to create it so you can have a lineup. I recall 2K19, pretty much you needed a team to win online. But damn, some of those players I have not heard of. Start em off with a diamond or something lol.

The new Players Club Locker Codes have created this more prevalent. Basically, the player asks 2K to get a code to the code comprises boosted versions of these. I'm sure I will get used to this. Yeah I forgot which NBA 2K is 9 months old now and now last year was about if they gave everyone every card with these fostered duo packs. I skimmed the guide. It seems like I have ta check these out spotlight sims. I have ta say I am enjoying the amount of locker codes that seem to be available. Idk if it is the standard or just bc they knew people are jumping on ps and they threw a bunch out. I really could get used to this though. At first glance those spotlight sims look 10x better than domination for building your own group haha. unless there's something I've missed.

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